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Home base for your voice in Trenton.

Each of New Jersey's 120 legislators maintains an office in their home district to better serve constituents. Legislative District 12 has three separate offices in Old Bridge, Matawan, and right here in Cream Ridge.

Alex Sauickie

Born and raised in Jackson. Serving parts of Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean counties.

District Office Building.

Where the hard work gets done.

Legislators aren’t always in Trenton.  They also run full-time offices in their legislative districts to meet with constituents on policy matters and assist them with state-level issues.  In the 12th Legislative District, each member maintains a separate office spread out across the district—one in Old Bridge (Middlesex County), Matawan (Monmouth County), and Cream Ridge (Ocean County).

Assemblyman Alex Sauickie and his staff are committed to providing the highest quality services to constituents.  Members of the staff research and develop legislation with the Assemblyman to solve problems faced in the 12th Legislative District, and regularly meet with constituents to answer questions and resolve matters concerning state government.  No issue is too big or small for the office to handle.

Congress vs. the Legislature.

Two levels of government. Different ways to help.

Government exists at all levels—federal, state, county, and local.  At the federal level, individuals are represented in Congress (the federal legislative body) by U.S. Senators in the Senate and U.S. Representatives in the House.  These Members of Congress maintain offices in their states and congressional districts to assist constituents with federal issues, including federal taxes and the I.R.S., the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, passport services, and more.  To find your federal representatives, search here.

At the state level, municipalities are grouped together into forty legislative districts based on population.  These districts are distinct from congressional districts (although boundaries may overlap).  Each district elects one state senator and two state assembly members to represent the citizens of that district in the Senate and General Assembly in Trenton. 

The state legislature passes laws that govern New Jersey and oversees the state’s executive branch charged with carrying out the laws.  Therefore, state legislators and their office staff are limited to certain subject matter for which they can best assist you.  State-level issues include state taxes and the Treasury Department, the Motor Vehicle Commission, Unemployment Insurance assistance, navigating other state agencies, and more.

If you’re not sure if you reside in the 12th Legislative District, discover your state representatives here.

The District 12 Team.

The best team in the Legislature. At your fingertips.

Assemblyman Sauickie employs a team of professionals to resolve constituent casework, research and develop legislation, and communicate information about government across the legislative district.  The district office staff consists of individuals with years of experience in state and local government, business and industry, the law, and more. 

This is the team that is ready to assist you with your questions about state government and guide you to the best solution.  Connect with Assemblyman Sauickie’s office to meet with a staff member about your question or issue.

Open for Business.

Call, e-mail, or stop by.

Assemblyman Sauickie maintains his district office in Cream Ridge, conveniently located at the intersection of County Roads 537 and 539.  On-site parking is available for members of the public and accessible for individuals with mobility issues.  The district office is staffed Monday through Friday.  Check with state government advisories concerning office closures for holidays and inclement weather.

The district office also employs a government e-mail and phone system to communicate with constituents.  Some issues can be resolved with a phone call or e-mail message.  Reach out to staff prior to visiting the office to see how we can best assist you.