JACKSON, NJ – Responding to a community request, Assemblyman Alex Sauickie has arranged for the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to send a mobile unit to Jackson so that local residents can have convenient access to services they may need.

Sauickie (R-Ocean) said it was “truly a team effort” to make the arrangement.

“This was made possible only by the cooperative spirit of several fine people,” Sauickie said. “We contacted the MVC and got a great response, along with the requirements for hosting the mobile unit. The county library in Jackson seemed to fit the bill, so we first got approval from Ocean County Commissioner Director Joseph Vicari, who oversees the library system. We then worked with the library staff and MVC personnel to finalize the plan. I’m very grateful for all the help from everyone involved,” Sauickie said.

Sauickie noted the idea is one of many he has received from people he has met.

“Elected officeholders have a reputation for doing a lot of talking, but listening is much more valuable,” Sauickie said. “I had the pleasure of meeting with Chaplains Yisroel Bursztyn and Yaakov Wenger, and in one of those meetings they suggested bringing the mobile unit to Jackson. I thank them and so many others for their ideas on how to help people,” Sauickie concluded.

The mobile unit will be in the library parking lot on eight dates this year: May 24, July 7, August 1 and 30, September 6, October 2 and 31, and November 6. Hours will be 9am to 3pm each day.

REALID appointments are available here: https://telegov.njportal.com/njmvc/AppointmentWizard/225

Permit appointments are available here: https://telegov.njportal.com/njmvc/AppointmentWizard/235

Information will also be posted on Sauickie’s social media:



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