Warehouse and Development Initiatives

Fighting for every dollar our districts deserve.

Warehouse and Development Initiatives
School funding in New Jersey is broken, and many believe that it is time for an overhaul of the current formula. As it stands, districts that excel in providing quality education are being penalized, while other districts that deliver less are rewarded with more resources. Educators, families, and community members throughout the state are rightfully frustrated. Now is time to enact solutions that will benefit our students, schools, and state.

Day One. Priority.

Since his swearing-in ceremony at the State House, Assemblyman Alex Sauickie has made education a top policy priority. One of his first bills introduced in the Assembly would take the burden of certain transportation costs off of school districts and require the state to pay for its own mandate. Since then, Assemblyman Sauickie sponsored a bill that restored sixty-six percent of lost funding this year, and another that calls on the state to redo the mysterious, ineffective formula.

What Now?

Assemblyman Alex Sauickie continues to engage with colleagues in Trenton and leaders across the 12th District to restore funding to our local schools. Throughout the budget process and continuing through the summer, Assemblyman Sauickie sat down with school superintendents, board presidents, and administrators to discuss the impact the formula has on different districts and how these increasing challenges can be solved. Watch them below.